Being A Musician: Your Health & Wellbeing

What was this session about?

This session left us all floored. Everyone learned something they didn’t about mental health in the music industry. This was a split session, the first part being on the hidden truths in the industry such as depression, anxiety, alcoholism and drug abuse (the stuff you don’t hear).

The second half of the session was on mindfulness, balancing your emotions and learning to be in touch with your chakras (energy flowing through the body to keep your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health in balance). This was so useful to us as young upcoming musicians, not wanting to be burnt-out in the industry – especially with social media!

What was the best thing about this session?

Hearing the behind the scenes truths of the music industry – it’s not all what it seems. Also, taking part in a 20min meditation. This created the right headspace to reflect and relax our minds and body.

What was the tip of the day from Rob & Ella?

BE STILL! Take time out and reflect on how you truly feel.

Which song best sums up this session?

Solange – Cranes in the Sky

About to start a 20min meditation – We were like whaaat?!
#TheGrits2018 #GetSomeGrit #Gritters

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