Everyone Meet Everyone

Track 1 – The Intro

What was the introduction session like?

You know the feeling… the sweaty palms nervousness when your meeting a bunch of new people for the first time. This quickly went away as everyone was super friendly!

What was the best part of this session?

Everyone being friendly made it easier to get comfortable. The best part was how well we all quickly started chatting with each other – creating a chilled out vibe, so it was bye bye nerves!

So, who runs The Grit School?

It’s Tom: He’s the Founding Director

It’s Sarah-Nell: She runs Marketing & Communications

It’s Miri: She’s the Mentoring Coordinator

And It’s Amy: Who’s the Programme Director

Which song best sums up this session?

Drake Feat. Sampha – Too Much


IMG_3327 2
#TheGrits2018 #GetSomeGrit #Gritters





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