Break Comms’ Music PR & Branding Session

What was this session about?

This session gave us a DIY look at how to successfully be your own PR and branding team. The advice and tips from Stephen and Louise (Break Communications) were so useful, especially being young upcoming musicians in this social media age.


What was the best thing about this session?

Definitely the mind-blowing presentation from Break Comms’ – so much, almost too much useful gems were taken away! Also, having the opportunity to receive a presentation from a super cool and relevant agency who has worked with artists and brands such as Converse, Red Bull, Reprezent Radio, Jill Scott, Krept & Konan and Pusha T.

What was the quote of the day from Break Comms?

“Don’t think you need a manager or a PR for the sake of having one”

What was the tip of the day from Break Comms?

“Know who you are as an artist, understand you are a brand and should be presented” & “Know your own power as a PR person; use what you already have!”

Which song best sums up this session?

Krept & Konan – Don’t Waste My Time

#TheGrits2018 #GetSomeGrit #Gritters

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